It’s my fracking opinion!

Several readers have contacted me to scold and say that I am “out of touch” regarding my views on the rush to cover Vermont with acres of P.V. arrays with private and heavily taxpayer-subsidized funds.

Seems a lot of certain folks want to see the state covered in solar and wind “farms” (the euphemistic term “farm” used in this context has nothing to do with real farms for husbanding livestock and crops; instead, in greenspeak, it has to do with generating “green” ($) power).

So what does “out of touch” mean? Well, if one contrarian little lemming doesn’t want to run with the crowd, then I suppose he’s out of touch, too.

Being the editor of this newspaper, it’s not my job to reflect the majority or politically correct opinion. Instead, it’s my opinion—reasoned in the best way I can—to give voice to views rarely entertained by the “in” crowd under the Golden Dome.

Now on to yet another “out of touch” viewpoint—

There’s a new book about fracking that caught my eye. Written by Virginia-based engineer and environmentalist Greg Kozera; it’s all about fracking technology which is helping put the U.S. on the road toward energy independence

Kozera wrote “Just the Fracks, Ma’am” to explain the technology and its benefits—and there are benefits despite what local anti-fracking activists say. Mentioning the word “fracking” in Vermontland is like waving a red cape in front of the steaming bulls at the Plaza Monumental in Tijuana.

Last month, we saw nasty behavior displayed by some of the protesters against Vermont Gas’s pipeline project in our area. Why all the the seething rage? Ok, the proposed pipeline will deliver Canadian-sourced natural gas that has been extracted via fracking—so, therein lies the emotion. Here in Vermontland, we’re well past the point of having a balanced, intelligent and civil discussion on the topic.

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